This post is long overdue. However, I figure no time is better fitting to share than on this day that the Super Bowl is being held in Miami.

Finding a place to stay in Miami for a special occasion is definitely a very daunting task. The options are endless for many beautiful and amenity filled properties. When I became indecisive for my upcoming birthday trip (back in September), that’s when Randal stepped in. We were discussing a completely different property among a slew of others. Unbeknownst to me until the the night of, he had stumbled across this gem!

The Miami Edition Hotel, first of all this place is AMAZING! I cannot wait to go back! Hoping to stay a little longer next time.

Much of the Miami Beach area is undergoing refurbishment. When we first pulled up I noticed the sign to the hotel said “Seville” and there was a classic analog clock right next to it. I still had no clue where we were and had not ever heard of the place. It certainly was not in the line up of other properties that I had been considering. How did I miss this one?! Later, after research I discovered this was a generously refurbished hotel. The two pieces noted (signage and analog clock) were unique to and retained from the original hotel Seville.

It was a VERY memorable stay. You have no reason to leave the hotel if you choose not too. This is the perfect place for those who like to “hole” up in a place for days at a time. I definitely could have stayed for a week.

I loved everything about the place, even the minimalistic room with modern touches had grown on me almost instantly. Though for some the minimalistic room will seem overly done.

The lobby is lush with tropical vegetation in deep hues of green with healthy palm fronds. The marble flooring and Roman tuscan towers add to a luxurious feel. All surrounded by romantic candlelight and low lighting with shadows of palm fronds that etch the ceilings as though painted. It was one of the first things I noticed once we entered the hotel and it felt like a dream. The ambiance just draws you in, puts you in the mood and relaxes you.

Photo credit: Edition Hotels


Blurry but beautiful picture of Randal in the lobby.

When we first arrived we were offered a drink with paper straws. Two Miami Mules. Both of which I sipped by the time we reached the room.

Shortly after settling in and giving a brief room tour (for the vlog), we headed downstairs to enjoy some of the amenities.

There was an ice skating rink, small but ample. A bar, with a DJ and live music BLARING. And a few lanes for bowling. The spot was very lively. Opposite end of the corridor, 2 security and a small one room night club. I honestly LOVED the old school hits that the DJ was spinning. They gave me life back into my 20s. Though I had hubby in tow I felt like I was in my 20s again, as hit after hit from that time played. With a couple of new ones added in here and there. There were LOTS of brides there. Drinks on beds of neon lighted ice. The room was packed and it was a lively crowd. A good variety of dance hits were spun. It was crowded but you could still dance and move around. Security was spread around throughout and visible at entrance. No issues the crowd was rowdy but peaceful.

Photocredit: Tripadvisor
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

We partied for a while then headed back to our room for room service. It was about 2am when we called in. Service was prompt and on point. We wanted something light but satisfying. I opted for salmon over kale salad. Randal had fries. The salmon was cooked perfect and the kale was so fresh. The salad dressing was creamy. The fries were hot and crisp with a side of ketchup.

In the morning the lobby is the opposite and full of natural sunlight. By the next day, we explored the grounds some more. We eventually found the pool after getting lost a couple of times. There’s a small but winding staircase surrounded by beautiful and impeccably maintained tropical palms and flours. There are also silver lanterns on the stairs. To the right is the fully restored original pool and diving board to the former Seville. Although we were confused at first in our vlog/video this beautiful and lush oasis did belong to the hotel as well. There was also a bar for cocktails. Then an extra space with turf for activities and games.

We headed down to the beach and ordered food. It’s a nice amenity that the hotel delivers food (beach bites) and cocktails. We had calamari and I had a strawberry lemonade cocktail. There was a private event so we had to shorten our time on the beach as they set up an arch, plants and other props.

We headed back to the pool before heading back to our room to get dressed for a surprise reservation dinner Randal had planned. During this time there was a small slip up in another surprise. I’m not sure if it was because she arrived too early or if we were running late. The young lady working room service immediately realized her error at the door. She looked at Randal embarrassed and I could hear her murmur “I’m sorry!”. She hurried, looked flushed as she placed down a tray with champagne on ice, strawberries covered in chocolate with an edible gold dusting sitting on a bed of espresso. There was also a love note from Randal.

Once we arrived downstairs for our dinner reservation, the dining room was not quite ready, so we were told by a bartender nearby that we would be taken care of while we waited. We were served seasoned popcorn, and fresh roasted macadamia nuts. And fresh glasses of a pink rose colored champagne.

The Matador Room is like stepping back in time. However, it has modern touches and appeal. The room is round. There is a matador jacket on display adorned with gold jewels and sequins. As the waiter gave an overview he encouraged us to share and let us know that the menu was tapas style. Randal requested a virgin daiquiri style mocktail. The waiter said that while they didn’t have anything on the menu specifically, if he described what he wanted they would make it to order. And they did just that, there were a variety of tropical and passion fruits used, with fresh mint added to garnish. It was very refreshing and delicious!

The small portions were ample as the food is rich in flavor and quality ingredients that fill you up. The dark slate plates used allowed the vibrant colors of the food and sauces to pop. They also made for beautiful pictures.

Randal had short rib tacos; the short rib was very tender and chewy. I had the roasted red snapper with a summer squash medley and a hot sauce on the side. The snapper was flavorful, tender, flaky but not dry and overcooked.

The lava cake was rich with chocolate flavor, decadent, and smooth center. The cake was warm and fluffy. The dining room was sparsely occupied which helped maintain the intimate and quiet moment we were seeking to ourselves. I prefer to eat in quiet places. No vlogging though we took lots of pictures.

After dinner and desert we returned to the room, and the other half of my surprise had arrived. The room was adorned with a path of rose petals and the bed had been decorated with a rose petal heart.


By our last morning we finally made it to the breakfast restaurant. The portions here were VERY GENEROUS. Randal had a breakfast sandwich and I had a benedict both were very delicious.

The valets were always polite, exuded class and good customer service. Even when my car gave them a bit of trouble. They would open your car doors for you too.

All in all I give this place 5 stars and can’t wait to go back one day.

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