The Tower at The B Resort and Spa

I am an avid traveler, I enjoy traveling and my husband does as well. We are very grateful for when we can travel. This is an unsponsored post and an honest account of our stay at The B Resort when we took our trip to Disney this past August. 

If I could sum up our experience and thoughts…It’s a very nice a la carte hotel with fees on fees on fees.

Check in was slow, there was a couple in front of us who booked a second room that the rep could not find in the system right away. The trainee did not assist with check in so we had to wait for the other rep available to help. By the time we were helped, there was a dozen of people behind us. Each staff member was friendly though.

The kids sitting in a colorful chair in the lobby

I mainly booked the hotel because they offered bunk beds and are listed as a Disney Neighbor hotel. At check in, after the issue with locating the second room and her line being backed up due to no help from the trainee she was still cordial but visibly short and stressed. We were told that no bunk bed rooms were available, and a sofa bed room was offered.

The kids in the “queen” sized bed in our first room

The first room we were placed in you could see clearly that bunks were there but had been removed along with hand prints where the beds once were along the wall. All they had to do was bring in bunks for the first room as it was fine.The first room had a tub and shower combo without glass and was in the garden/ pool section of the property. We had a pool view. The room was light, airy, bright and cheerful.

The next room we were placed in was in the tower 9th floor we could see the fireworks but it was very dark and gloomy as several of the bulbs to the light fixture were out. The beds seemed more like full size beds rather than queens. We weren’t able to stay in the room because it only had a glass shower which was not going to work for our 2 year old. We needed a room with a tub for him to sit in safely. The showers though spa style do not come with stools.

View of the pool from the 11th floor tower

The last room we stayed in was GREAT! Also located in the tower, but on the 11th floor. Loved everything about it. Except the sofa bed is eerily close to the glass patio doors which thank God are locked but my nerves were on edge as my daughter had to sleep in the sofa bed. The spa style bathroom was excellent. The tub with jets was very nice and the tub was easy to use for our toddler without the jets. The view was beautiful. We could see fireworks from this room as well. Our room was cleaned daily and everything was replaced daily except the hand and body wash. The Aveda products are very nice and soothing after long walks in the theme parks, they helped to relax your muscles and aching feet in the spa tub.

The pool is nice but nothing fancy. They do allow toys to be brought to the pool.

Randal and Jaylen playing in the hotel pool
Shuttle bus schedule posted out front of the resort.

Location, location, location! You are very close to Disney Springs and there is a bus loop that will get you to every park. I would say its a 25-30 minute walk to Disney Springs. We didn’t bother with it, if you have kids just take the shuttle. We found the shuttles to be very convenient and had no issues with them. There are other options for food at a nearby shopping center if you are on a budget. There is also a 24 hour grocery store there Gooding’s. You can walk to that location as well. In the hotel itself there is a small shop called The Pick Up Stop that was great for coffee and bagels, very reasonable each item well under $5.00. We stopped for fresh coffee and bagels almost everyday. There are fresh sandwiches available, fruit, muffins etc and hygiene products. The shop is like a deli style shop you would find in an office building with suites.

The refrigerator in the room is too small. There is no microwave in the room however there is a community microwave in the Pickup Stop store off from the lobby for guests to use at their own risk. If you are in the towers this is no bueno, because of the walk and the awkward placement of elevators.

There are too many fees, the daily resort fee, the daily parking fee, the mysterious additional fees that ended up on my card daily, the taxes in addition to that. The additional $200 hold to my debit card, I expected a hold but in addition to the fees OUCH! We may have eaten at the restaurant on site but unfortunately the fees and $20/ pp deterred us. The resort fee should cover breakfast (at least a day or two) or parking. I’m lost as to what the fee covers since parking and the restaurant are separate, the Pick Up Stop and poolside bar as well. What does the daily resort fee actually cover? I don’t understand the fee for parking as the lot though it has a raised arm and key entry is not secured with a guard or anything of sort, in fact it’s repeatedly posted that it is a park at your own risk lot. We did not have any issues or damage to our vehicle though.

Upon check out the wrong address was on my print out receipt, the address listed was not the one I had given. I was shoed away and told in a sarcastic tone “That doesn’t matter”. I didn’t care to argue with the woman who was clearly swamped the trainee stood there smiling and not doing a thing as during the previous 4 days. But it was worth an eyebrow raise for sure.

Must do something about the sweet young lady that just stands at the front desk while the line backs up with dozens of hotel guests. Trainee or not she could’ve tried check ins and asked questions of the rep next to her if she ran into trouble. This occurred the total duration of our stay and the line backed up several times. We delayed retrieving our extended magic hour passes a couple of times because the line was too backed up.

Very nice hotel but I would not stay again with my kids for Disney. If I stayed again it would just be for my husband and I; if breakfast or parking was included. If they get larger mini refrigerators and microwaves in the room I may come back, I’m sure they can find cabinets large enough to hold them but keep up with their decor as well. However, those are the only reasons I would ever stay again.

The hotel is a newly listed Disney Neighbor hotel and appears to be in transition to accommodate families that are visiting for Disney. There is even a Disney shop off from the hotel lobby as well as a game room with a few options for entertainment for kids. There is a cute frog on your hotel bed. My 2 year old loved him but he is also for sale with donation to a charitable organization. The style of the resort seems more of a boutique style hotel originally geared towards adults, empty nesters, young professionals without children. Anyone who may be in the area for training or a conference would also be a better fit for this hotel. If you have children, this is not a toddler or preschool age friendly resort. I can only recommend this hotel for parents with “tweens”, aged 10-12 +.

Though this is my home base, you can also find me on TripAdvisor for more hotel reviews.

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