When I was a kid, the typical Mother’s Day tradition was that my mother and my two older sisters would sneak off somewhere to go out to eat or get pampered. Then at times my mother would opt for the weekend before or the weekend after. Typically this time was kid free and my sisters were 11 and 12 years older than myself and the other sibs.

Last year after Randal had taken me out to dinner at the Deep Six Dining room I knew that my mother wanted to go for brunch or dinner one day after seeing our photos. She fell in love with the dining room with the panoramic windows.


The second time around was great. I made a reservation just in case though I was told by receptionist that they hadn’t been as busy. Randal and I came to the restaurant at a time when it was quite packed (the same time of year) so I figured better safe than sorry. I made a reservation for 12 noon for a window seat so that we could have a nice view. We were seated by the fireplace and the dining room was sparsely filled. The dining room was quiet and serene.

We started with mocha flavored coffees and my mother ordered clamato juice. The mocha coffee was quite tasty and reminded me more of hot chocolate than coffee. It had a nice froth at the top. I couldn’t decide if I was going to have breakfast or lunch right away, so I ordered fried calamari as an appetizer. It’s one of my favorite appetizers. The calamari was delicious just as I remembered it. Well seasoned, light crispy dusting and tender calamari rings.

I love smoked salmon and usually buy it at the grocery to have it with crackers. However, I had not ever tried it on a sandwich or had I tried brie before. So I decided to order the Smoked Salmon & Brie Panini Sliders. The entree comes with “three panini pressed sliders with Scottish smoked salmon, brie cheese, avocado, capers, lemon garlic mayo and baby arugula. I had it with fresh fruit on the side. My first impression of the panini sliders was that it tastes markedly close to a BLT. And I actually prefer the avocado to the tomato as it isn’t soggy. The arugula adds a bit of smokiness and bite to the smoked salmon, it compliments it well. The lemon garlic mayo will run down the cups of your hands a bit in small drips but is only trace amounts. The sliders are not overly doused in the mayo. The mayo is tart yet savory.

My mother ordered the blackened shrimp and grits. True to her generous self she shared some of her dish with me. The grits were creamy and the shrimp were well seasoned with a subtle spiciness. I could do without the tails in the shrimp however they were cooked to the perfect texture and tender.


For dessert my mother ordered the key lime pie. By then, I was too stuffed for dessert but it was beautifully plated and looked delicious.


Our waiter was friendly and attentive. He seemed to be working much of the floor though there were only a little over a handful of tables occupied. I can’t wait to go back again. Next time I may finally check out the patio area as there is a different menu for that seating area. Our post Mother’s Day celebration at Marina Jacks Deep Six Dining Room was a success! I give them 5 stars!

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