I had been thinking about this for a long time. I decided to relaunch and rebrand our blog, our channel, and everything. The original vision for TWT encompassed a much larger grand scheme of things. Upon revisiting that vision, I knew that I had to change, rebrand, and that it was for the best. A magazine style blog, and a channel that encompasses all of our interests. It’s big and it’s a work in progress. The channel and blog will be the springboard. I plan to incorporate the following areas Travel & Culture, Hotels, Restaurants, Food, Spirituality, and Music. This site will be our new home base.

The change came about due to us exploring different creative avenues that we now share on our channel and social media, in addition to cooking. We simply outgrew the mold that we had originally set for ourselves and have pushed the envelope. “Tasting With The Taylors” will now be known as TWTtv. It will now encompass all of our creative outlets and interests.

Obviously, I have decided against a solo topic themed blog. For the tantamount reason listed above as well as my shape and personality. I am a creator, an artist, an explorer, an innovator, a writer. I have alot of hobbies. I probably have too many hobbies or at least more than the average person. Therefore, a solo topic themed blog just was not for me. Although, we are both great cooks it was very challenging to get a new recipe together every week or every other day. It was alot easier to vlog our recipes and show the step by step process on camera than it was to blog about it. We dine out frequently but not enough to bring you content on a daily to weekly basis. I feel free! I know that I will be able to bring content more regularly now since I am not walled in anymore.

We have ventured into music. Better said we both found our way back to music. Life’s funny like that. The original purpose of the music was due to needing an opening theme song and royalty free music to accompany our videos. YouTube does not give many good options for original music or music of high quality for the latter. The selection is very limited. At any given time you can go to one popular vlogger, then another and hear the same 5 songs being used. Rather than spend much time hunting down options elsewhere we decided to create our own music. We occasionally release our songs to several online streaming stores, so be on the lookout via social media when those songs become available to stream.

The Vlog/YouTube Channel

The channel won’t see much change beyond the incorporation of our original music and a new logo. My main motivation for the channel was due to the fact that we live miles and miles away from family and initially TWT was to keep up with them. I never intended for it to be a “Daily Vlog” set up. We probably will not ever venture into that realm of daily vlogs. We will continue to focus on family outings, travel, reviews, special occasions, recipes. Down the road we may have couch conversations to accompany “J Taylor Tells It Like It Is”. As always, the blog was meant to compliment our channel and will continue to just on a larger scale.


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