Consistency is key, and one of many good things that I can say about this place is that they are consistent. Our first trip to Mr. and Mrs. Crab was over the Father’s Day weekend with all 3 kids in tow. The wait was not very long and well under 30 minutes for the busy Saturday, we waited 15 minutes. We were seated in the back during our first visit, in an extended seating area where it was quieter and larger groups of families were seated. Our waiter was attentive, very friendly and personable. He was able to answer our questions with ease and made ordering off of the multi tiered, multi combo and al a carte menu easy.

I ordered Combo C and added crawfish.


The second time was during my sister’s annual visit the weekend before last. The second time definitely did not disappoint and we had a larger party dining with us this time. However, we were seated at the front of a restaurant, in a corner in a large booth table. The table allowed for us all to see each other and interact due to its odd shape.

As far as large groups are concerned, they are able to handle large groups /parties with little to no issue. Our bill was divided up into 3 separate checks with no drama or errors. The waiter was able to meet our needs with ease, keeping drinks filled and didn’t have any errors on anyone’s order either. There was quite a bit of food at our table but no order mix ups. Though I have seen even larger groups than ours come in. Gratuity is included so be prepared to PAY UP!

My husband says that he could go to this place once a month. I am quite sure that he could as it has become a favorite for him.

A cousin asked, “It can’t be better than your pops?”. To be honest, it is better than his Pops. I’m sorry, it’s just a different style of preparation, presentation, seasoning, and overall composition of the seafood steamer bags/ boils. It’s a simpler methodology to traditional MD style steamed crabs, in all fairness comparing the two is like apples to oranges though. The bags are filled with juices, seasoning and butter shaken up to coat your seafood well after steaming in the bag. With that said, be prepared to get messy!

My sister had a trough of seafood along with a side order of fried tilapia. The fried tilapia was quite tasty. The breading was not too thick against the fish and was well seasoned. It’s crispy but not greasy or soggy. Well done!

The steamer bag, I went with combo C again but this time I didn’t add crawfish. My only complaint was the same as my sisters, as I came across my clam shells most were empty. On the other hand, the sausage which is very flavorful, came in a generous portion of coin style /cut finger food friendly pieces to compliment the seafood combo. I opted for HOT as my spice level and the Cajun garlic butter. It was spicy yet still palatable. It had kick but wasn’t overpowering nor did it leave my mouth scorched. The corn is very tender, drowning in the cajun butter and juices which makes it very flavorful.

The children were loud our three plus their two cousins together very excited to see each other and to be at the restaurant. However the atmosphere of the restaurant is also loud and lively. There is upbeat R&B / Hip Hop music playing and people are very bubbly, high energy so the children were not a bother to other staff or guests. They fit right in to the atmosphere of the place. This is a very family friendly location. Nothing too fancy or stuffy. We will definitely go back again soon!

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