A Pre-Coronavirus Visit In Retrospect…

As much as we appreciated the concern it got really annoying to hear people say “Stay Safe”. I think that our society and culture is very ignorant to the development, “ways”—culture, infrastructure, advancement of other countries. In to the development of laws and public safety measures of other countries. Just like anywhere else you want to be aware of your surroundings at all times. However, Dubai is very safe.

As soon as you enter Dubai your photo is taken and you must check in. There are signs of the rules and laws posted everywhere! Reading is fundamental so READ. The first day we boarded the subway we almost faced a fine. Luckily right before the doors stretched open I noticed pink symbols and signage for a “women and children” only subway car. The fine a whopping $150 dirham! If you don’t like to read, then I advise that you either bring someone who doesn’t mind reading or stay home. There is security everywhere! In the malls, the subway stations, hotel lobbies, EVERYWHERE! And there are also cameras everywhere. If you look closely in our first video at the Mall of Emirates Christmas tree scene you can see all of the cameras.

There is security everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! There are eyes everywhere. If you look carefully at my video you can see DOZENS of cameras in the scene where we are in front of the Christmas tree.



At the front of almost every store especially on the “Ivory Tower” floor of the Mall of the Emirates there is a security guard present. In uniform, plain sight and effectively placed at the front of the store, most look like CIA agents. However, the ones that patrol the streets look more militant than officers in the states.


As a matter of fact, it’s very different from the states. The subway stations are kept impeccably clean, free of vagrants and panhandlers. The unruliness of mall patrons, young children, teens and adults is almost nonexistent here. Children are very much seen and not heard here. Though everything is super crowded and people do their very best to mind their manners and personal space…it’s challenging. The challenge is real. While there we saw an argument on a train between two males, no shouting, voices slightly raised but they quickly gave one another space and deescalated their own tension.

However, I will say that men will move if they see you are married and your husband is present. They will move period if you are female. There are trains designated for women and children only. Boarding those trains will cost a hefty fine of $150 Dirham.

We slipped up a couple of times however, there are no PDA signs posted at the mall and other places upon entry. There are signs to cover up. However, all bets were off at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences) this can also be viewed in our vlog (At the 7:00 min mark forward). Many women were in bikinis and men in speedos. However, no one was topless.


We felt very safe during our time in Dubai and really enjoyed ourselves. There is so much to see and to do. You have the ability to do so without the drama and serious safety issues that other destinations have so that you can relax as you explore. We would definitely visit Dubai again.

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