On March 8th, we had the pleasure of having breakfast at Original Word of Mouth.

The location is tucked away further down Venice Avenue away from the hustle, bustle and crowds of the island. You will find the restaurant in a small brightly colored plaza.

When we first arrived, I noticed the pink/purple wild flowers at the hostess station. Next, I noticed the bright orange mod style bar stools in the bar/counter area seating. The style seems a combination of country cafe with modern touches. Bright, airy and inviting. Very clean and well kept. The hostess came forward and took me out of my deep observation mode of the venue. She said “Good morning” which is rare to hear these days. She welcomed us and counted how many were in our party. Just 3, as it was only Randal, Jaylen and I. Shortly thereafter we were led to seating, we were asked which we would prefer. We chose a booth off to the side away from the traffic and middle tables. The dining room was quite full. Jaylen was given a high chair next to Randal.

Though I had been up and down the breakfast options plus photos days before on Yelp, I perused the menu again.

The waitress came over to ask if we would like her to show us the daily specials written out on a chalk board. Then she took our drink orders. She was friendly and instantly started building rapport as Jaylen was deciding on regular milk or chocolate milk or apple juice. As he decided on chocolate milk and we decided on the flavored coffee of the day (Vanilla). Jaylen said he wanted coffee. We all laughed and said of course he couldn’t have coffee. She shared a story about her daughter also 2 years old and how she likes coffee too; but one day she had too much coffee with espresso and was bouncing off the walls. We shared a similar experience and corrected that he could have chocolate milk instead of coffee.

We placed our food orders shortly thereafter. Randal ordered the cinnamon roll French toast with home fries. I ordered the Tex Mex Omelette with grits. Jaylen had the Mickey Cake, which is a pancake shaped like Mickey Mouse with bananas, other fruits, and bacon to make the face. I was told that my order also came with a fresh baked muffin. I opted for my favorite blue berry. The muffin came out with my coffee. I was pleasantly surprised as it came warm, though they are known for fresh baked goods. The muffin was fluffy and the berries were sweet. A real treat. No sooner than I was halfway through my blueberry muffin and vanilla coffee our food started to arrive. In spite of how full the dining room was I thought that was very fast. First Jaylen’s Mickey Cake, my omelette and Randal’s french toast. Jaylen was so amused by the food arranged in a cute face for his breakfast. He said “Look! It has eyes, a nose, and a mouth” and Randal said in agreement “Yes, and you can eat it too!”.

The waitress came by periodically to check on us, kept our coffee and beverages topped off. After two cups of coffee I didn’t want to be over caffeinated. The waitress offered “Would you like a water? Let me at least get you a water”. Then she returned promptly with a lemon water.

As we ate our breakfast other wait staff would also ask if we needed anything and how we were doing. One woman asked Jaylen if he needed a napkin and told us “He’s so cute”.

My Tex Mex omelette, the eggs weren’t overly salted or over cooked. Not too thin but a generous helping with good texture. The chorizo is flavorful and there is a generous amount distributed throughout the inside of the omelette. However, the chorizo isn’t too overly spicy either. The guacamole, sour cream, and salsa are all topped on the omelette in neat dollops side by side. The guacamole is smooth and creamy. Seasoned and not bland. The sour cream fresh, tart and creamy as well. The pepper jack cheese is inside the omelette rather than outside as a topping, it’s gooey and has a little kick. There are bits of sautéed peppers and onions packed in as well. The salsa atop the omelette is fresh and bold sauce style salsa. If I order again I would nix the salsa on the eggs; it’s more of a personal preference than anything else. Nothing was wrong with the salsa at all.

Randal let me take a bite of his cinnamon roll french toast. It tastes just like a batter dipped fresh baked cinnamon roll. Crisp outside and a fluffy center, not soggy at all. Though it isn’t too sweet. Jaylen finished over half of his Mickey Cake and enjoyed his meal.

When we were leaving the restaurant, I waited for Jaylen and Randal at the front. One of the waitstaff complimented me on my hair and said that I looked beautiful. It’s a very friendly place.

We spent approximately $33-34 total before tip on our meals. I definitely plan on going to this breakfast cafe again. I like the ambiance, the staff was very friendly. The food tastes great and the service was fast. The cost is more than practical. We’ll definitely be back again with the rest of our crew.

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