The Suncoast Cafe is a quaint cafe and literal hidden gem. They have wavers on the sidewalk as you enter the 41 BYP draw bridge coming into the island from South Venice. However, any other visible signage is very minimal, as you pull into the small airport parking lot at the Suncoast Center.

The office building and lobby are well maintained. There is a fresh scent that is crisp, light and airy. To the right there is a board displaying the daily specials. Everything is written in neon colors against a black board. Then there is the entry to the cafe. Upon entry to the cafe, there is the main line to the right and wooden tables with chairs neatly arranged about the floor for seating. We greeted the chef and his staff. I asked, “Do we just seat ourselves? Are we okay to sit anywhere?” Chef Tony motioned and mouthed that we could just sit anywhere.

The waitresses greeted us and welcomed us to Suncoast Cafe. We chose a table next to the window so that we could see the planes and private jets take off and land. It was a great view!

We were greeted shortly thereafter, and Jaylen was given an activity coloring sheet with wax straws/ strings to keep busy while we waited for our food. The waitress took our drink orders, I ordered iced sweet tea, she offered the mango flavor. It was very tasty but has to be stirred. I had to ask for a straw, the waitress was polite and happily obliged no problem. However, it is posted that they are doing away with straws to save our local sea life. Many restaurants are following the same practice and it isn’t anything out of the “new” norm.

There is reggae music playing, not too loud and not too soft just right to set the atmosphere. Though we are locals, between the music and scenery we felt like we were on vacation back in Barbados (when we visited in ’08). You can hear Chef Tony’s thick St. Lucian accent as he and the staff converse while preparing the food. The conversation is light hearted and cheerful. Their demeanor is relaxed/calm and friendly. You can see the chef and cooks on the front line as they prepare meals for guests. Everything is out in the open. An added plus!

Since we arrived after 11am and weren’t sure of which options may be available. Randal asked if he could get an order of the Curry (goat). The waitress said sure, he could get curry and that it wasn’t a problem. I ordered the Flight Crew’s omelette. It’s a three egg omelet with chorizo sausage, tomato, onions, cheddar cheese, and green peppers.

My only complaint complaint about the Flight Crew omelette was that I wished the cheese was melted more. Seriously? I have no real complaints. The eggs were thick and fluffy. The chorizo was very flavorful and there was a very generous amount in the omelette. The chorizo was not overly spicy. The vegetables were crisp. The sour cream and salsa come in separate solo cups. I used the sour cream but passed on the salsa. The sour cream was great. The omelette was very delicious. The refried beans as a side were very creamy and topped with cheddar cheese. I also had cinnamon raisin toast, it came sliced in triangles and buttered. It was fresh and good, typical for cinnamon raisin toast. The portions are very generous and filling. So much so that I was not sure if I would finish my omelette which was stuffed with toppings and sausage, but I managed to finish. The refried beans I was able to squeeze in only a couple of spoonfuls.

Jaylen had the “Mickey Cake” a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake with fresh fruit arranged to make a smiling face. The pancake smelled amazing though I did not have a taste. Randal let me try a taste of his curry goat. The curry flavor was authentic but not very spicy at all. It’s a mild, savory and flavorful curry. His “Suncoast Curry” was served with plantains over cuban rice (mixed vegetables).

We were able to see a private jet take off with half a dozen passengers. And a couple of planes take off and land while there.

I could definitely see us coming here again with the rest of our children and perhaps regularly. I highly recommend Suncoast Cafe for breakfast or before heading over to Caspersen/ Venice Beach or the fishing pier.

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