For the longest Randal kept telling me that he wanted to go fishing. Specifically, that he wanted to go out on a “head boat”. I cannot stand to hear him say “head boat” I always tell him just call it a charter boat or charter fishing trip. So when Father’s Day came around, it was a given, I knew exactly what I wanted to give him as a Father’s Day present. A chartered fishing trip.

View of nearby beach house while aboard the Miss Venice.


We left out early anticipating a 45 minute to an hour drive depending on traffic. As we looked at our GPS and estimated time of arrival we realized we would be cutting it very close. So we called to confirm a few things. When we called we discovered that the boat was not docked in Bradenton or Sarasota as listed by Google. Shame on you Google! We had lucked out, the boat was docked in Venice only minutes away.

View of the Venice Jetty while aboard the Miss Venice.


When we arrived sky was orange and grey, like a cream sickle with tinges of grey and blue hues. There was no one in sight just a few cars and a “Dockside Grille” restaurant. A local bar stand we saw two people and inquired about the boat. After our inquiry, we found that one of the guys was the first mate. He let us know that they had fishing rods and everything that we would need, as he directed us to the boat where we met the Captain. The Captain was very friendly and comical guy. He asked for our names and if we were on the list. I was so excited to go that I didn’t realize that we made need a reservation. As the Captain went down his hand written notepad he said that we were in luck and that it was not a problem since the boat was not booked at or above capacity.


While aboard the boat we met a couple from Palm Beach, FL. Randal had originally wanted to move to Palm Beach so conversation came at ease and started over just that Palm Beach.

Randal multi tasking, fishing and recording.


Randal helped reel in a King Mackerel. We also caught grouper, grunt fish and lane snapper. Lane snapper are really pretty pale fish with yellow lines like lanes. We caught dozens of fish.

A couple of fish that we caught early into the trip.
The First Mate holding a puffer fish that was caught.
Our catches!


Towards the end of the trip I became very sea sick, suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration. I couldn’t even keep water down. I had caught so many fish and was really bummed but I could not go on. I tried to lay on deck to get relief. However I was not feeling well at all. I was offered gatorade and to go lay down below deck on a cubby/book-end style cot to cool off. The first time I ever went out on a boat fishing with Randal was when we went to Palm Beach, FL in 2008 on a family trip but I had never become or felt so sick as I did that day. Thank God for air conditioning and a friendly crew; especially the Captain.

I finally started to feel better as we were heading back inland and went back up on deck. The cool water and wind helped as we zipped back to shore and later the dock. From there they counted out our catch and filleted the fish of anyone aboard who wanted them to do so. We live in a small town so I ran into the Captain again at the post office, he said I looked very different in my work clothes and all better not as green.

We took the 4 hour trip $80/pp, we bought thought that this was a very good and fair pricing point given what is offered.


Friendly Crew. Friendly captain. Patient crew (will help out if you snag your line or loose your leads or hooks to a fish that gets a away).

Free water. Bait included. Rods included. Ice and coolers included.

No crowds.

Our first fishing charter in Palm Beach was a tangled web! Every other catch someone’s line was twisted, tangled or snagged and this guy was walking under and crossing over others to get everyone untangled. There was no room to spread out let alone lay down or sit down on deck. I really appreciated that they didn’t over book their boat.

They know where the fish are they also have their own secret to attracting the fish.

Guaranteed to catch fish.

Although, we will probably filet our own fish next time I have no complaints. Randal can’t wait to go out again. I am hoping that I will fare better next trip with a good 2 rounds of Dramamine, a sunhat, 6-12 pack of Gatorade, and cooler /lighter clothing.

You can find out more information about fishing charters aboard Miss. Venice here. If you haven’t already check out our YouTube video to get a visual of our experience aboard the Miss Venice here.


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