We already had the pleasure of going on a dinner cruise aboard Marina Jack for our Anniversary, however, this time Randal decided that we would go to the restaurant for Mother’s Day.

The marina itself is beautiful there are so many extravagant yachts and boats to admire as you walk up to the restaurant. There is also the Unconditional Surrender statue close by for photo ops (we recorded our first music video there).

Randal and I standing outside on the marina before dinner.


As soon as we entered, Randal led me upstairs. I was surprised as I thought we would just have a casual dinner on the lower level. Inside on the upper level there is a large aquarium and the dining room has panoramic windows that scale the height of the whole room. There was a woman complaining however, rather than have us suffer through her rant another hostess saw to it that we were seated promptly. Retrieving our reservation went smoothly. We were led to another set of stairs and there was this VIP section that was in the center of the dining room on a 3rd level with only half a dozen tables. It was quiet and more intimate. We still had a great view of the turquoise blue waters of the (Sarasota Bay.)


We started with an assortment of bread. White, sourdough, wheat variety and whipped butter. I ordered the calamari.

The delicious calamari on the bed of greens/arugula with grilled lemon and an aioli dipping sauce.


The breading was light but crispy and flavorful. Inside, the calamari was tender and chewy.The plating was creative and balanced with the calamari resting on a hearty bed of mixed greens and arugula. There was a grilled lemon and an aioli sauce for dipping. It was the first time I had calamari on a bed of greens and without marinara but it was quite tasty. A nice break from my norm, I typically will order calamari wherever I go to see the differences from restaurant to restaurant.

As the sun set, the windows shown a beautiful dark blue and the water sparkled against the moonlight. There were beautiful yachts that cruise by with lights, some with music and rowdy cruisers. An older gentleman in another dinner party close by laughed as he said “Yeah that’s the party boat! What happens on that boat stays on that boat”.

Randal and I in the Marina Jacks dining room on the upper level.


Dinner was excellent and beautifully plated; though my plate quickly turned very messy. I ordered steak oscar, which comes with a cream bearnaise sauce with jumbo lump crab meat. My steak was a perfect medium rare, chewy, tender and flavorful. The bearnaise was rich, full bodied and creamy. A great compliment to the generous portions of jumbo lump crab meat.

My steak Oscar.

Randal had the surf and turn, steak with lobster tail.

Randal’s surf and turf.


I would really like to try more of there menu and am hoping to return very soon. Possibly for brunch if not dinner again. The menu is pricey but worth every penny. I can’t wait to go back again very soon!

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