Our Vision

TWT will be an ezine that will encompass food, travel, culture, spirituality, and music. We strive to make your reading experience delectable, fun, adventurous and well rounded. Our segment "J. Taylor Tells It Like It Is", is meant to motivate, inspire and encourage others while discussing real talk topics with practical advice and tough love.

We hope to engage others, and in turn that others will enjoy engaging in constructive commentary and dialogue about our content on our platform. We strive to encourage others to get out and explore the world around them while sharing what all it has to offer from our own experiences.

TWT is meant to be a positive platform that will build up and encourage others within our communities.


Our Story

We relocated from Columbia, MD to the suburbs of Tampa in Summer of 2014. While living in the Tampa area we began shooting videos, started a YouTube channel and blog. Initially, the videos were to include our family and friends back home in on the memories that we were creating here in Florida. We wanted our friends and family to be a part of the experiences and feel as though they were right there with us. Later, we discovered that "vlogging" and "blogs" have really evolved into a business. We decided however, we would use both as a springboard for our business ventures, interests, and love for food and travel. Our original blog's sole topics included food and travel only. I have alot of interests and hobbies therefore this will be a fun space that encompasses it all. In 2017, we realized that we would need a theme song and royalty free music to set to our videos. However, Youtube did not have many options and so we created our own theme song. Randal used to rap, took some time off however after theme song we have been creating songs ever since. Our catalog continues to grow and grow.

We now reside in the suburbs of Sarasota, FL. J. "Bunny" Taylor is an Accountant, and Randal "Lil Red" Taylor is an aspiring cook and chef. We have been married for 9 years and have 3 children together, Juliana, Jeremiah, and Jaylen. We hope to leave a legacy for them and encourage them to pursue their dreams, experience and explore all that the world has to offer.

Meet Our Family


Jocelyn "J. Bunny" Taylor

The Writer, The Mom, The Creator/Artist


Jeremiah Taylor

The Professor/ Kid Genius


Jaylen Taylor

Boss Baby/ "The Rebel"


Juliana Taylor

Little Boss Lady 

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