Music Modernization

This sums up about everything that I have learned the past year going on two years since venturing into music with “Lil Red”. Randal and I grew up in a different time. We came up during a time where people stalked the offices of labels slipping their demos in to major record execs and A&R’s […]

Mr. And Mr. Crab 2xx!

Consistency is key, and one of many good things that I can say about this place is that they are consistent. Our first trip to Mr. and Mrs. Crab was over the Father’s Day weekend with all 3 kids in tow. The wait was not very long and well under 30 minutes for the busy […]

The 2nd Time Around At Marina Jacks

When I was a kid, the typical Mother’s Day tradition was that my mother and my two older sisters would sneak off somewhere to go out to eat or get pampered. Then at times my mother would opt for the weekend before or the weekend after. Typically this time was kid free and my sisters […]